He is an elder ninja that serves the young lord. Bound by honour, he is composed and reticent, but also has the ruthlessness to complete his mission by any means necessary.

Sekiro has already lost his life to the Ashina clan leader when the story begins, losing the young lord he was charged with protecting. He also lost his left arm and gained a prosthetic in its place upon his resurrection, presumably by the Sculptor.


  • In addition to his honed ninja skills, including stealth, his prosthetic grants him several other skills that can also be used in concert with his katana.
  • Sekiro has the ability to resurrect named Bloodsmoke.
  • Movement abilities include sneaking in bushes, pressing against walls, and hanging off ledges in order to perform instant take-downs.
  • Main combat mechanics include Kanji Sense and Posture


  • "Sekiro"「積狼」is not the protagonist's actual name, but one derived pairing 「積」 "seki" (derived from sekiwan「隻腕」, meaning "one-armed") and 「狼」"ro" (meaning wolf).